ACI Women's Minimum: Learning to Live

Testimonies from Participants


-Handling Loss and Grief 

I want to thank you for the chance to be in the class. I used to be a very strong believer in the Lord but somewhere in my life I lost faith, I gave up. But now you opened my eyes and heart and showed me there is only one path I should be taking and that’s with the Lord, for me, my son, my family, for today, tomorrow and my future. But the class should be smaller. –Walter

      I want to thank you for a great class. I learn so much about myself and things I’m going through. I thank God for someone like you who help people like me keep our faith strong in this Lord time. Thank you, God bless. –Louis

      I think this class was great it made me know more about God and what he lives for and means a lot. Thanks –O.H.

       Great class, very very informative. Teacher was patient and took his time to make sure we understood each lesson. Thank you –Calvin

       Being in the class made me realize I don’t know the Bible and I want to do more reading so I can learn more about living the right way. –Brian

       I believe in my heart that this class has made me very close to the Lord. Now I pray and accept the Lord into my life. This class has helped me in many ways and the instructors were very good at what they do. I thank you for them. –Michael

      The class is very good, it helps me to deal better with my loss and grief, it also has helped me to see more positive and instructs me in my spiritual life. –Anonymous

       I believe if you are an open minded person you will be able to have a better, healthier life so this class makes a difference in my life. And I am grateful for having the opportunity to have been invited. Thank you, God bless. –Jay

      I enjoyed the class due to the fact that I learned quite a bit about the word of the lord and the Bible itself. Thank you or your time all of you guys.–R.J.

      I think that this class helped me to cope with the loss of my father and for the longest time I always felt like it was my fault because I felt there was something I could do to prevent it and now I don’t feel that it was my fault as if that burden was lifted of my shoulders.–Anonymous

I thought this class was excellent and I wish it wasn’t over. –Anonymous

I think this class was a good class, teaches you things about God. Speaks on death a little too much, but still a very educational class. I like to thank you for this experience. Thank you. –Anonymous

-Anger Management-

      I believe taking the time out to understand God’s word and his plan for one will allow you to look at another way of dealing with one’s anger and renewing a better relationship with those you may have hurt or may have a misunderstanding with. This is what I got out of this class. --Daron

I thank and appreciate the time you, Charlie and Alvin, took out of your own lives to come week after week up here and teach us in the name of the Lords ways to overcome our anger and our inner spirit. May God bless both of you. Thank you once again…Sincerely –Rashaad D.

      I want to thank Charlie for this class, it help me reflect myself, help me notice I need a lot of help and God in my life to help me with my problems [sic]. I noticed when I stop believing in God I became angry, I was miserable like I lost the light I had as a child. So again I want to thank this class for opening my eyes. –Walter R.

      Thank you Charlie for everything you have teach us and everything you have share with us [sic]. You and Alvin have opened my eyes to new ways in dealing with my anger and also has given me the knowledge I need to understand the Bible. Thank you and Alvin for everything.

Happy holidays and God bless. –Louis B.

      Thank you for The Learning to Live program without it I would be a lot worse off but being this is a God based program it helps me out with different problems that come in one’s life. God bless. –Cesar C.

I’d like to say that this class is very helpful to me. I like the fact that there are different kinds of Learning to Live classes, I enjoy the class very much. I look forward to taking more of the classes. I thank you for giving me all the new tools –M.D.

       I got a lot of knowledge from the Bible about how to deal with everyday problems, and if you follow the Bible’s teaching you will live a good and peaceful life.–D.D.

      I really appreciate you guys taking the time out to come and help us and teach us about the Bible and the ways it shows us how to control our anger. I never knew that anger was such a “big” issue as it is expressed in the Bible. A great learning experience. –Anonymous

       I just forgot it, but I don’t know, the Lord is all right and helpful. I tell you what, I don’t really know what I mean, the Lord is everything, and the Lord is all might and grace, and just remember you all I have to wait for the Lord is all merciful. –Andres M.

-Personal Integrity-

      This class has helped me to get closer to God. I loved the positive energy and your support for uplifting my spirit through Jesus Christ. –Anonymous

      The most meaningful thing is learning that there is nothing in this world without faith, and that all is good with God and Godly forgiveness will help me to deal with feelings of regret and that I can overcome many things with God and his word. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 –Donald G.

      The meaningful in the group for me is learning more about Jesus now I know He’s good because he bless me and he gave me my freedom back reasonably and gave me parole I thought I wouldn’t get it I hope I will read more of the Bible [sic].–Victor L.

      Learning about God & Jesus and reading and talking –Anonymous

Getting back into the Lord. Been out of touch for a little bit. –Anonymous

This is truly beneficial to convicts that do not get the opportunity to have Bible study with a group of faith driven individuals and great instructors that go out of their way to educate us on the word of God.

Amen! –Brandon A.

       I learned from this class that God is real and if you are a prisoner the help this class does for you is amazing. This class helps you understand other inmates better, get a better understanding about God and the Bible. Sometimes if you sit back and listen about someone’s thoughts about God in this class you would think a lot of different things and ways that God works. God bless –Jeffrey C.

       Since I’ve been coming to this class it has been my favorite one up until April 2018 when I lost my brother and a couple of other close personal friends and I started having mixed emotions about faith. I am trying very hard to get back to the place that I was in before these losses in my life one day at a time I hope that I can go back I need to put the trust back where it once was I was actually beginning to trust and with me that comes with time all I can do is try. The Lord giveth and taketh away. (HOPE) better days are coming. –Robert J.

       What I’ve learned from this class is respect for my neighbors, having honest and open communication with my brothers, and also learning to forgive and move forward with my life…–D.H.

      I’ve learned to deal with my demons within myself to become a better person, surrender myself to God and allow Him in as well as forgive me for my sins so I can walk a new healthy life. –J.C.

I believe that this class has helped me in many ways. I believe that this is what the Lord would want me to be doing with my time. I thank all the instructors for willing to take their time to share the Word of the Lord with all us inmates. This means a lot to me and it makes me a stronger person as well. –Michal D.

      The Learning to Live class had a huge impact on my life while incarcerated. I’ve learned to stay positive through the help with the Holy Spirit. I’ve overcome several addictions to money needs and the lifestyle of fast money. I most definitely want to attend church regularly and continue to speak to God to let Him know I’ve surrendered. From here on out for the rest of my life I’m going to make the right choice no matter what circumstances cross my path. –Kyle M.

 My Testimony:

      As we went through the chapters and workbook I came to see how the Bible can really help and open your eyes to see a clear path of living I wasn’t much of a believer but after the discussions we had in the group I’ve come to believe and can further seeing myself seeking help and spiritual forgiveness. –J.B.

-Decision Making-

     This class is so good to me, I thank God for Learning to Live. I love the people that come and teach the class they are great God is good. I love Jesus and Learning to Live. God bless Learning to Live.

Matthew 5:16 - “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven” and Learning to Live does that. –J.J.

      I like the open discussion, all instructors were able to share the verses of the Bible and interpret the meaning to us in today’s language, sharing their testimonies honestly & openly. Thank you very much God is my pilot!

–Jamar H.

       Taking this class was meaningful I always grew up in the church so I’m familiar with the Lord’s word it’s good to get reminded about how important the Lord is and what’s really happening in the world cause the TV, movies, music distracts us from the truth which is the Word! –Montrell

       By taking this class it opened my eyes to things that I shut down because by being incarcerated I shut off feelings so I could cope with the life that I had to deal with. I know it is unfair for me to do that because my kids are more to me than a night of pleasure. So thank you for the time you took out of your life to help with my thinking.

God bless and thanks again for everything. –Jay S.

       I have been in and out of prison since I was a teenager and taken many of their programs but this one gives me hope for change and a better beginning. “52 year old inmate” –Anonymous

      My future is bright because God is shining His light on me. I love the Lord Jesus with all my heart and soul.” –Anonymous

       I have learned a lot about forgiveness and how God wants me to change. My relationships have changed and the way my family views me. I never knew there was so much to learn in the Bible. It has changed my life. –Anonymous

      I have learned to think my problems through before I react. Reading the Bible and attending class has helped me to understand and overcome my thoughts and make good decisions. –Anonymous

       I have learned a lot more about the Bible and the way it works. I hope it will help me and my family in the long run. –Anonymous

       We are all truly blessed to know and love Jesus Christ, and I am truly blessed to be given that opportunity to learn from the Bible. How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the Good News! God bless. –Anonymous

       This class was the first of this kind for me. It has been very enlightening and helpful to understand myself as well as learning to understand the Bible and its teaching. –Anonymous

A Word From a Volunteer David Baron

     Prison volunteering put me in my place because people that are incarcerated are no different than I am.  It’s a blessing because you recognize your own condition – you are no different than the men incarcerated.  My Christian pride gave me the idea that I was better than others, but I found that I am no different. In the prison we have witnessed genuine conversions and transformed lives. With the Learning to Live programs I realized that I needed to learn these life skills principles myself. There is so much to learn, and what we know is so little. By sharing with the men inside you are learning along with them. Although you have some things to share, their testimonies strengthen your own. When they share their testimonies, you are in awe and it strengthens the whole body by witnessing how God has led in their lives. It’s a two way street, He who waters will be watered himself. It’s a blessing to the person who gives because it is also a blessing that you receive as well. It’s a natural law that when you give you receive…and it is a joy.