Charlie and Tanya have been married for 49 years.  They had been residents of Rhode Island for 40 years and are currently living in South Carolina.  We have a 44 year old daughter and a 32 year old son, with one 22 year old grandson. Tanya was born in Bermuda in 1951 and Charlie was born in Fall River Mass. in 1951. Tanya has direct and retail sales experience.  Charlie is a retired professional mechanical designer, he has held many management positions throughout his career in manufacturing and has been on early retirement due to a traumatic brain injury since 2014.


The following are some highlights of programs and activities that Tanya and Charlie  have been involved in.

  • Learning to Live Integrity Curriculum, faith based life skills programs in the men’s minimum and women’s minimum and medium security facilities. 

  • Tanya and Charlie  facilitated a Fathers Behind Bars (Inside Out Dads) program  at the men's minimum facility

  • Weekly Bible studies at the men's minimum facility.

  • Weekly showing at the women's prison, DVD's of the broadcast Free Indeed and Bible studies.

  • Job Readiness classes conducted in the ACI minimum security prison and at The Blessing Way reentry agency on the outside.

  • Former team members at the ACI for interfaith based programming inside and outside the prison system.

  • Guest speakers and trainers in over 30 churches from all New England states and many churches in New York City.  (Training for certification, awareness events, emphasis days, and rallies). 

  • Guest speakers at The Rhode Island Reentry Summit, the University of Connecticut (UCONN)  Roger Williams University, and a Community Services event at Stanford Connecticut.

  • Tanya was a mentor (Open Doors Second Chance Mentoring Program ) for five years  to a women who was previously incarcerated, visiting her on the inside and giving support to her and family members on the outside.

  • We created a Interfaith Prison Ministry training manual from various sources that can be downloaded from the Atlantic Union Conference website. The contents include chapters on Starting a Prison Ministry, Training for the Jail or Prison, Manipulation, Volunteer Services and Support, Starting a Reentry ministry, and Writing Letters (Pen-Pal Program)

  • Participate in Connecticut reentry monthly roundtables.

  • Organizing a non-profit organization called "A New Start" which is a faith based organization that promotes a holistic Approach to: Reentry, Recovery, and Renewal. 

  • We have given multiple presentations with healthy food samples at a group called Homecomers (Anchor Recovery) which consists of previously incarcerated men and women who are in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

  • "A New Start" reentry presentation to a group of pastor's spouses.

  • Prison Ministry presentation to the Atlantic Union Conference Executive committee.

  • Our churches and member's families continue to provide hundreds of pounds of men’s and women’s clothes to the prison, homeless shelters, and families.

  • Provision of backpacks that include toiletries, list of service providers, emergency numbers, Bibles and church contact information to women being released to homelessness. 

  • Training for writing letters to inmates, emphasizing the strict guidelines: the do's and the don'ts of a pen-pal program.