I like the open discussion.  All instructors where able to share the verses of the Bible and interpret the meaning to us.  In today's language.  Sharing their testimonies, honestly and openly.  Thank you very much.  God is My Pilot!  J.H. 

The inspirational Bible studies that I joined in with the brothers  at the minimum security on Thursday nights have changed my thoughts toward our Lord and Savior Jesus. My brother-ship Bible studies have made me stronger and pointed me in the proper direction until the glorious time that I personally talk and kneel before Jesus to receive my judgement.  God and our Lord Jesus please help us all. Amen. S.J.W.   


I am a living testimony of the greatness of God's grace through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I am compelled to  share with people the love and faithfulness of my brothers that each week come and share the word of God with men  like myself that are presently incarcerated.  The Bible study that we have together is truly growth unto my spirit.  I enjoy each week their company as well as their love for Jesus.  It means a lot to me that they each week hold and attend Bible study with me, so I pray that as Father God continues to send them forth to spread and share His word that they will become a blessing to others as they always are to me. Amen. M.A.E.


The most meaningful thing is learning that there is nothing in this world without faith, and that all is good with God. And Godly forgiveness will  help me to deal with feelings of regret and  that I can overcome many things with God and his word. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 D.G.


This class has helped me to get closer to God.  I loved the positive energy and your support for uplifting my spirit through Jesus Christ.  

Hi, my name is Joseph.  I want to say how thankful and helpful the Thursday night Bible studies have been.  Thursday night Bible study is an inspirational study of scripture and is helping me to become a good man trough the learning of the word of God. J.P. 

 The meaningful in the group for me is learning more about Jesus.  Now I know He is good because he blessed me and he gave me my freedom back recently and gave me parole.  I thought I wouldn't get it.  I hope I will read more of the Bible. VL


This class was meaningful, I always grew up in the church, so I am familiar with the Lord's Word, it's good to get reminded about how important the Lord is and what's really happening in the world because the TV, movies, and music distracts us from the truth which is The Word! M.H.


Been getting into the Lord, been out of touch for a little bit.  


Learning about God and Jesus and reading and talking.  This class is good to me, I thank God for Learning to live.  I love the people that come and teach the class, they are great, God is good!   I love Jesus and Learning to Live.  God bless Learning to Live.  Matthew 5:16 Let your light shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.  Learning to Live does that. J.J.